Hide Tumblr cookie consent banner

To remove the new banner you’ll have to add some Custom CSS directly in to your Custom theme.

Disclaimer: As a result you won’t receive automatic theme updates anymore, stfu and show me how, ok 🤫

You can find this by clicking Customize/Edit Theme and then hit Edit HTML

We need to paste a piece of code under the <body> tag. To do this click anywhere inside the HTML and use the following commands to search:

  • On Mac: cmd + f
  • On Windows: ctrl + f


In the left of the search box paste in: <div class=’customize-demo demo-note’>

Once you’ve found this section create a new line on top using the enter button and paste the code below inside. It should look like this:



<style type="text/css">
    body .tmblr-iframe--follow-teaser, body .tmblr-iframe--gdpr-banner {
        display:none !important;




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