My photo posts are not showing correctly on Tumblr. NPF Fix

Recently due to changes on Tumblrs posting you may encounter a small issue where photo posts are displaying as a text post would. Symptoms include container box having a scrollbar or blank space around the image.


Custom CSS fixes

Instructions on adding Custom CSS to a Tumblr theme

@media screen and (min-width:768px) { .index-page .post-text { padding:0; } .index-page .post-text .inside { padding:0 !important; } }




NPF Supported Themes

Ten Toes (last updated – 22, Aug 2023.)
Napoleon (last updated – 22, Aug 2023.)
Scarface (last updated – 22, Aug 2023.)

Blue Cheese (last updated – 25, July 2023.)
Jelly (last updated – 7, July 2023.)
Matcha Green (last updated – 4, July 2023.)



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