My theme doesn’t work

Few things you can try to get your theme working again.

1. If you have made any changes to the theme code and the theme no longer works you will need to reinstall or remove the code you added. You can get previous versions of the theme using Tumblr’s Theme Recovery.

2. Check to see that the Banner Only No Posts and Banner options are off.


If no posts are showing up

This is common if all of your posts are videos. Try adding this to Custom CSS.

.post {
opacity:1 !important;
visibility:visible !important;

If you’ve added Custom CSS

One small error in this box can break the whole theme so. Go to Advanced Options at the bottom of Customize. Copy and delete everything in the Custom CSS box and check if your site is now working.

If so then there’s probably an error in the code. Make sure the Custom CSS code ends with a }.



Still not working?

Drop us a line at please include a link to your site so we can diagnose.

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