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As of June 2020, the Instagram platform will deprecate its API, that makes it impossible for a theme to show your Instagram media. This has two consequences:

  • Our themes sold after March 2020 no longer comes with a built-in Instagram section.
  • Themes sold before March 2020 still contains the section, but it will stop working in June 2020.

Click the button below⛷ and link your Instagram account. After that it should spit out your access token and user id.

Generate Access Token

After, copy and paste the access token into the fields on the tumblr theme.

Not working?

Try again on a new environment. New browser/incognito. Or if you used mobile try again on a PC.

How to add an instagram feed

It worked. ?‍♂️

Your Access Token:

Your User ID:

Copy your Access Token and User ID into the relevant fields in your theme. Need help with this?

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